Our Policy

By offering Japanese-made "Japan quality" specialties,
Ringer Hut wishes to make all of our guests,
including those from overseas, happy.

Our corporate mission, "Ringer Hut's hospitality and skills provide a delightful dining moment for all guests", consists of five action statements, which are: to ensure secure, safe, and healthy food, to deliver sincere customer service, to respect humanity and improve working conditions, to protect nature and the environment, and to contribute to local communities.

Action Statement (Basic Principles)

1. We offer healthy and high-quality meals at an affordable price.

(Through efforts to ensure secure and safe food, we offer meals with health-promoting benefits for customers at a reasonable price.)

2. We sincerely appreciate our customers' feedback and use it for further improvement.

(We sincerely welcome opinions not only from our employees, but also from stakeholders such as our customers, clients as business partners, shareholders and investors who expect us to grow as a company, NPO members who contribute to social activities, and administrative bodies that are required to secure compliance, and we utilize these opinions to control and enhance our operations.)

3. We create a delightful workplace and strive to make it more comfortable and rich.

(We value humanity, prepare fair conditions for capacity building, evaluation, and treatment, and build a workplace which gives employees motivation. We also pursue the realization of healthy and cultured living in private lives.)

4. We value nature and the environment and produce a restaurant that is loved by local people.

(As a member of the local community, we reduce our impact on the environment around our branches (factories and restaurants) as well as produce a restaurant that is optimized for its local indigenous nature and the environment.)

5. We discover and develop a "culinary culture" in the world, Japan, and our hometown.

(Around the world, in Japan, and in every region we live, there are traditional foods that indigenous people have established and culinary cultures that they loved. Likewise, there are people who make the effort to inherit these cultures (such as production methods, local customs, and commitment). By discovering and developing these cultural charms, we keep contributing to the local community.)

To accomplish this management philosophy, we comply with legislation related to Ringer Hut's corporate activities, social norms, and in-house rules, and build an ethical and moral perspective and a strong sense of responsibility as a faithful organization to carry out our social responsibility. We act on the basis that "We will be a company that is recognized as a trustworthy specialty restaurant by our customers and be a workplace where employees feel pride in their work".